Kelly's Butchers
Of Newport

Award-winning third generation artisan butchers

Our Story

Kelly’s of Newport are award-winning artisan butchers based in Newport, Co. Mayo and serving the entire country and beyond. Our story is one of pride in our products, our people and our hometown. From humble beginnings, you can find Kelly’s of Newport products in shops throughout Ireland and the UK. Learn more about our story and why we do what we do below.

"We make up to a standard, not down to a price"

For me Sean Kelly symbolises everything that is good about Irish food, his passion, his love of good food and his products are so consistent and delicious.

Chef Neven Maguire, Macnean restaurant

A Salute to the Putóg

From the pen of the late Seán Staunton, the Salute to the Putóg puts this traditional pudding into poetry.

Visit Kelly's Kitchen Next Door

Our award-winning café is located beside Kelly’s Butchers on the Great Western Greenway. The perfect place to taste Kelly’s sausages, puddings and other quality meats. Don’t miss the homemade desserts.