Meaty traditions for St. Patrick’s Day

Kellys Pudding Pint of Stout

St. Patrick’s Day is all about tradition and around the world there’s a decidedly Irish flavour to what’s on the dinner table. Over the years Irish embassies abroad have taken to serving Kelly’s sausages and puddings to impress their St. Patrick’s Day guests. From Helsinki to New York we’ve been proud to have our labels on the embassy tables.

What about your own table though? What are you going to eat on St. Patrick’s Day?

You could take a hint from the embassies and go all out with the full Irish breakfast. We don’t need to tell you our counter is filled with a bewildering variety of sausages, but did you know Kelly’s have a new range of dry cured rashers. Plain and smoked, back and streaky, these are no ordinary rashers – these are Kelly’s extraordinary rashers!

Kelly’s Putog

There’s nothing more traditional than Kelly’s Putóg. The ‘Putóg’ is the traditional Irish black pudding made in every farmhouse in the West of Ireland. The filling was a combination of oatmeal, onions, suet, salt and pepper and other easily sourced ingredients. Originally it was made in the time-honoured casing of a sheep’s stomach. We keep tradition alive by producing the ‘Putóg’ in its original form. The word ‘Putóg’ actually translates from Irish as ‘gut’, or ‘belly’. Kelly’s Putógs are flying off the shelves coming up to the big day itself, ready to grace breakfast (and dinner tables countrywide).

Bacon and cabbage (or corned beef and cabbage) are perennial favourites too and you really can’t go wrong with this tasty pairing. Could we recommend a bit of white sauce on the side? Perfection on a plate.  

Kelly’s Pudding Pint of Stout

A few years back we made the ultimate tribute to St. Patrick’s Day – the Kelly’s Pudding Pint of Stout. It was an instant success and award winner. So wherever you are in the world for our national day – Sláinte from all at Kelly’s Butchers.