Our Butcher Counter

Full Service Artisan Butchers

Our display counter is always a source of pride and we love to have it full of the finest quality meats. Most of our meat is sourced locally, often from our own family farm and as we have our own abattoir, is very low on food miles. Our skilled butchers will prepare cuts of meat to order and love to give help and advice on cooking.

You’ll find everything from economical cuts ideal for slow cooking to prime cuts, ready in minutes. We also have an extensive range of ready-to-cook dishes including stir fries, kebabs and meatballs. Ideal for home dining with none of the fuss.

What's Available In Store

Our grocery and gift section is always rewarding to browse. It’s packed with local produce including apple juice, jams, honey and vegetables as well as other quality grocery essentials. We keep a carefully selected wine cellar ideal for pairing with our meats. Look no further for gift ideas at any time of year – but especially at Christmas. Whatever it is, Kellys have you covered.