Kelly’s Traditional Hazlett Boxed (280g)

Kelly’s Award Winning Traditional Hazlett Boxed (280g)



It’s probably a while since most people tasted Hazlett – it might go right back to sandwiches in the school lunchbox. Kelly’s love traditional products and are delighted to reintroduce this one, with a few improvements of course. Fresh leeks, fresh carrots and a very secret blend of spices really put a pep in the step of this childhood favourite.

Kelly’s Hazlett is a lot more versatile than you’d expect! Try it sliced thinly in salads or sandwiches. Cut it thick and grill or fry it like a pudding. Use tasty chunks in a pasta sauce. The possibilities are endless.

Kelly’s Hazlett was a Silver award winner at the 2021 Blás na hÉireann Irish Food Awards. It was a Gold Medal winner at the IFFA 2019 Frankfurt, Germany. It is presented in an attractive cardboard box, ideal for stacking in the fridge.

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Kelly’s Traditional Hazlett Boxed (280g)

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