Kelly’s Wild Atlantic White Pudding (280g)

Kelly’s Wild Atlantic White Pudding (Boxed) 280g – Flavoured with Wild Atlantic Seaweed



Who would ever think of putting seaweed in a pudding? Well, puddings were traditionally made with ingredients that were close at hand and easy to get. When we looked around – we saw seaweed growing on the wild Atlantic shore and the rest is history. Seaweed is a recognised superfood and adding it to Kelly’s Puddings makes them truly superduper. The taste is distinct, with a delicate hint of the ocean, but still has the unique Kelly’s flavour and texture. As with all Kelly’s puddings it holds its shape very well when cooked, which chefs love.

It was a Gold Medal winner at the IFFA 2019 Frankfurt, Germany.

Put this Wild Atlantic White Pudding pudding to your ear and you’ll hear the tide going in and out… 🌊

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Kelly’s Wild Atlantic White Pudding (280g)

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